Top Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones


Top Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are composed of minerals and salts in your urine that formed like small “pebbles.” It can be as small like grains of sands or as big as golf balls. Kidney stones can stay or travel in the kidneys through your urinary tract system. It is composed of kidneys, bladder, tubes that link the kidneys to the bladder and a tube that directs from your bladder out of the body. Urinary tract system is responsible to carry out the urine from your body.  To learn the Top Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones, read on.


Kidney stones are formed when the normal balance of minerals, salts, water and other elements found in your urine changes. The primary kidney stone cause is not consuming at least eight to 10 glasses of water. Some people will most likely to have kidney stones because of different health conditions like gout.


Kidney Stone Remedies


The best way dissolve kidney stones is to start living a kidney friendly diet and following natural remedies for kidney stones.  One of the best natural remedies for kidney stones can be found at home – water. Drinking more water is the first step you need to do. It will not require you to spend more just to fulfill this step. The minimum amount of water that you can consume is six glasses. If you want some colors and flavors with the fluid you take, just avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks.


Start eating healthy. Prefer to eat vegetables and fruits that can provide you lots of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.  However,  stay easy on eating fruits and vegetables. It should be in moderation because some of these foods are high in oxalates. If you are prone to develop calcium-oxalate stones, your doctor will ask you to cut down on consuming these foods if your urine has too much oxalates. These foods are chocolates, coffee, beets, nuts, peanuts, parsley, spinach, rhubarb, strawberries and wheat bran. You can take these foods provided in limited quantity only.


You need to limit your consumption of salt as well. It should not be more than two grams each day. It is highly advisable that you prepare your own meals and snacks in order for you to avoid too much sodium. Take note that when eating at restaurants and fast foods establishments, you do not know how much sodium is used.


Start measuring your urine to track the amount of fluid you have consumed for the day. You can buy measuring devices from pharmacies that can fit in your toilet bowl. For a typical day, your body produce urine for about 40 to 45 ounces.


Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

If your doctor has advised  you to catch your kidney stone, use a mesh strainer whenever you urinate. It is the best way to tract your stone. Through this method, collecting your stones, it will help your doctor to analyze the content of your stone which will give him or her clues what lead you to suffer from kidney stones.     In treating kidney stones, seek advice from your doctor because there are different kinds of kidney stones. Some are grave that needs immediate attention. Some are just small, and those can be treated with natural remedies for kidney stones.

You Docs Prevent painful kidney stones with diet San Antonio …


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You Docs Prevent painful kidney stones with diet San Antonio …


"First, a short course: Kidney stones are hard clumps of crystals, usually made up of calcium and oxalic acid or phosphate. Sometimes they're triggered by a urinary tract infection (then they're called struvite stones), or by uric acid (which also causes gout). They can range in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball; the smaller ones can be excreted through your urine.

How can you prevent a kidney-stone crisis?

• Drink up to 3 quarts of water a day. Beverages such as sports drinks, grapefruit or cranberry juice and even iced tea can make it worse.

•Reduce salt; it's loaded into fast and processed foods. Opt for fresh cooked foods, seasoned with herbs and spices.

• If you have calcium oxalate stones, eating low-fat dairy is good. Calcium binds to the oxalate, keeping it out of your urine.

•If you're in the kidney stone zone, avoid high-oxalate, stone-promoting foods such as red meat, spinach, beets, wheat germ, chocolate and peanuts, and limit vitamin C supplements to 500 milligrams a day.




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Kidney Stones Dissolve and Eliminate

  A Kidney Stone (Nasty  Little Sucker)

Are you looking for advice on the best ways to eliminate kidney stones? Before looking for any type of help on exactly how you may dissolve kidney stones, it is ideal to know initially some information and facts such as the kidney stone source. This brief post will provide you important recommendations pertaining to kidney stone therapies that will certainly help you deal with kidney stones formation inside your body.

Quick Details Concerning Kidney Stones

• It is a difficult and like crystalline minerals established inside your urinary tract or renal.

• Nephrolithiasis is the health term.

• The five basic kinds of renal stones are calcium, uric acid, struvite, cysteine and drug-induced.

• The frequent signs of kidney stones are blood in your urine or hematuria and reduced back discomfort that can be serious.

• There could be a development of kidney stones if there is a drop in the amount of urine movement and if you form stone substances overly in the urine.

• The crucial explanation why there is renal stone development is because of reduction of sufficient fluids in your system. If you reside in a or even more dusty temperature and do not make it a habit to consume water, you are a candidate for renal stone accumulation.

• If you have presenting medical conditions like an episode of gout or take certain supplements or medicines, you are at a greater risk for progression of renal stones.

• Genetic and dietary parts may additionally be associated with formation of renal stones.

You will certainly get treatment if you have severe ailments of kidney stone development. However, you have to assist yourself get rid of kidney stones via correct  diet plan and adhering to organic cures for their removal. Your diet is a significant variable that leads you to develop kidney stones. Various sorts of kidney stone progressions that could be avoided if you abide by a meticulous diet plan regime . Drinking appropriate fluids particularly water throughout the day is an outstanding prevention of kidney stone development. You should stay clear of sodium or salt due to the fact that it helps increase your excretion of calcium mineral in your urine. The effect , you will certainly develop kidney stones. It is a great deal better to minimize your salt intake than to lessen your calcium mineral intake. Foods that are excessive in  proteins like fish-contain purines, large quantities of meat and eggs could substantially improve the possibility of calcium mineral stones and uric acid stones. Foods that are rich in calcium mineral could aid you avoid the development of kidney stones and assistance you in maintaining your bone thickness up. Attempt to prevent as well foods high in oxalates like rhubarb and green spinach in order to avoid the development of calcium oxalate stones. Consulting a doctor will definitely help you establish the best ways to get rid of kidney stones. Remember, there are various kinds of cures for a particular kind of renal stone. Residential remedies work on some and some have to be managed with surgical treatment. Your specialist will certainly be able to help you as well, to know the reasons of the kidney stone formation. Pursue help from a diet professional in preparing your dishes in order to lower your opportunities of forming kidney stones once again.


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How to Dissolve Kidney Stones

 Kidney stone cause

Are you looking for ways on how to dissolve kidney stones? Before you look for any ways on how you can dissolve kidney stones, it is best to know first some facts about the kidney stone cause. This brief article will give you valuable information about kidney stone remedies that will surely help you deal with kidney stones formation inside your body.


Quick Facts About Kidney Stones

  • It is a hard and like crystalline minerals formed inside your urinary tract or kidney.
  • The medical term for it is Nephrolithiasis.
  • The five basic kinds of kidney stones are calcium, uric acid, struvite, cysteine and drug-induced.
  • The common symptoms  of kidney stones are blood in your urine or hematuria and flank pain that can be severe.
  • There will be a formation of kidney stones once there is a decrease in volume of your urine and if you form stone substances excessively in the urine.
  • The major cause for  kidney stone formation is due to dehydration. If you live in a hotter climate and do not make it a habit to drink water, you are a candidate for kidney stones formation.
  • If you have specific medical conditions like gout or take certain supplements or medications, you are at a higher risk for development of kidney stones.
  • Hereditary and dietary factors can also be related to formation of kidney stones.


You will undergo treatment if you have severe conditions of kidney stone formation. However, you need to help yourself dissolve kidney stones through proper kidney stone diet and following natural remedies for kidney stones.


Your diet is a big factor that leads you to form kidney stones. There are different types of kidney stone formation that can be prevented if you follow a strict diet. Drinking sufficient  fluids especially water throughout the day is an excellent prevention of kidney stone formation.


You must avoid sodium or salt because it helps increase your excretion of calcium in your urine. In result, you will form kidney stones. It is much better to reduce your salt intake than to reduce your calcium intake.


Foods that are high in animal proteins like fish-contain purines, eggs and meats can increase your chances of forming calcium stones and uric acid stones. Foods that are rich in calcium can help you prevent in the formation of kidney stones and assist you in maintaining your bone density. Try to stay away from as well foods high in oxalates like rhubarb and spinach in order to prevent formation of calcium oxalate stones.


It is best to consult a doctor on how you are going to dissolve kidney stones. Take note, there are different kinds of treatment for a certain type of kidney stone. Some can be treated with home remedies and some must be treated through surgery. Your doctor will be able to help you as well to know the causes of the kidney stone formation. Seek help from a dietician in planning your meals in order to decrease your chances of forming kidney stones again.

Preventing Kidney Stones

We found this very informative and basic guide to help you in your daily life eliminate or lessen your problems with kidney stones.  Please use the information wisely. And, good luck. 

Preventing Painful Kidney Stones

Our curiosity was peaked after hearing about several friends and family members being diagnosed with kidney stones. Why so many cases? Are more cases being diagnosed?   If there are more cases being diagnosed – why?  Could all these cases of kidney stones have something to do with what we are eating?

Well, according to data collected over the last decade from several insurers there has been a significant increase in the incidence of kidney stones in 18 – 64 year olds.  And diet does play a role in promoting & inhibiting the development of the more commonly diagnosed kidney stones.

To clarify, all kidney stones are not created equal.  There are five different types of stones (calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, uric acid, struvite, cystine) with the three most common stones strongly affected by diet.  If you or a family member have had a kidney stone here are few recommendations for avoiding the most common kidney stones – those made of calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate & uric acid:

Bite This:

Dairy foods such as milk, yogurt & cheese contain high levels of calcium – eating foods high in calcium ensures there will be enough available to bind up the oxalate, keep it out of the urinary tract & prevent stone formation.  A daily intake of 800 mg of calcium is recommended to prevent kidney stone formation while maintaining bone density.  Researchers suggest the calcium-rich foods be eaten at the same time as foods containing high levels of oxalate.

Beer & Wine – not that we are recommending alcohol consumption if you don’t drink but research has shown that moderate amounts of beer & wine have prevented the formation of stones – and moderate is defined as an average of one drink a day for women & 2 drinks a day for men

Water, water, water – making sure you drink enough water can help prevent all types of kidney stones!  Dehydration is one of the most common risk factors for kidney stone formation and one of the easiest way to avoid it is to drink plentiful, inexpensive water.  Make sure you drink enough water & other fluids to produce at least 2 quarts of urine a day.  A quick hydration check is the color of your urine (you want it to be no darker than the color of lemonade).

Not That:

Dark colas & other foods high in oxalates may increase the amount of oxalate in the urine, increasing the risk of calcium- & phosphate-oxalate stones forming.  Our bodies produce oxalates and they are found in a variety of foods but only a few foods have been found to increase the oxalate level in urine – nuts, rhubarb, spinach, & wheat bran. 

There is controversy about whether drinking colas increases the risk of kidney stone formation but many experts believe there is enough antidotal evidence to recommend you stick with water or lemonade if you have a history of kidney stones.

Although cranberry juice is often promoted as useful for preventing urinary tract infections, the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC), a service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) does not recommend it above other fruit juices for preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Non-dairy animal proteins – eggs, fish, shellfish & organ meats (liver) are high in something called purines. Purines break down into uric acid & high levels of uric acid in the urine can cause the formation of uric acid stones.  The acid content in animal proteins may also increase the risk of calcium oxalate & phosphorus stones by increasing the loss of calcium & reducing the loss of citrate (prevents kidney stones when excreted in urine).  If you have had kidney stones or there’s a family history of kidney stones you’ll want to limit non-dairy animal proteins to no more than 6 oz a day.

Foods high in sodium – for many this can be just about everything they eat.  Our daily reliance on convenience items & fast food can translate into a daily sodium intake that is 3 – 4 times higher than the daily recommendation (1500 – 2400 mg a day).  When our kidneys have to get rid of high levels of sodium it results in the loss of more calcium.  More calcium in the urine can combine with oxalate & phosphorus to make kidney stones.  Try eating more fruits & vegetables or cooking meals at home – foods without labels are almost always lower in sodium.



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Naturally Treat Kidney Stones – How Soft Drinks Can Cause and Cure Kidney Stones

Naturally Treat Kidney Stones

—You might think the title of this article sounds a bit misleading, but you will understand in a moment why, “Soda can cause and cure kidney stones”! If you or a loved one suffers from kidney stones, be prepared to pay thousands for medication, surgery and visits ($5000-$9000+). Or you can naturally treat kidney stones at home with a simple step-by-step remedy that has worked for over a hundred years. And the best part is, you will pay about $10.00 (ten dollars) for all the natural remedy’s ingredients. But first, let me explain how serious kidney stones can be.

If you suffer from kidney stones, you are part of 24 million Americans who develop this serious disease sometime in their life. Besides the excruciating pain associated with kidney stones, sufferers will also experience an aching back (kidneys), back spasms, abdomen pain, aching groin and genitalia, bloody and cloudy urine, tiredness, nausea, fever and chills. These agonizing symptoms can last for months if the kidney stones are not passed or treated? But what treatment will you or a loved one choose?

An Expensive Kidney Treatment

Naturally, you will go to a doctor and be diagnosed with kidney stones. And you made the right decision. It is extremely important you are properly diagnosed before you consider the proper treatment. But like any other disease, kidney stones can vary from person to person. Kidney stones can differ in size and composition. However, most kidney stones are smaller than 5mm and mostly made up of calcium oxalate. This is perfect for naturally dissolving and passing kidney stones!

After the doctor diagnoses you for kidney stones, he will typically remedy the kidney stones with one of the following: medication with water flush or medical treatment (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), percutaneous nephrolithotomy, or ureteroscopic stone removal). Though kidney removal is typically effective, thousands of kidney stone sufferers are saving thousands of dollars (literally) and dissolving and passing their kidney stones at home.

Imagine paying $7,000 to remove your kidney stones with surgery and medication. Now, imagine paying $10 to remove your kidney stones with a simple home remedy that is just as effective.

Are you ready to hear about the most popular and simplest natural remedy ever?

Does Soda Cause and Cure Kidney Stones?

Yes and No! First, do you know what the cause of kidney stones is? Water! Actually, lack of water. If a person lives a consistently dehydrated (lack of water) lifestyle, chances are they will become part of the 24 million who develop kidney stones sometime in their life. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink 8-10 glasses of water each and every day.

With all that said, can you imagine who is not getting enough water each day! You guessed it, Soda Drinkers! People who drink soda (soft drinks) and coffee are more likely to develop kidney stones than any other group. Why? Soda drinkers’ bodies are often craving water but soda tricks the brain and body into thinking ‘I’m not thirsty’. In reality, their body is slowly shutting down and kidney stones are the result of improper flushing of the bladder and kidneys.

So yes and no, soda does not cause kidney stones. But, soda drinkers are more likely to develop kidney stones because of lack of water.

Secondly, how do you dissolve hard kidney stones? Phosphoric acid (a natural acid) in soft drinks! Let me explain recent research on this natural remedy of kidney stones.
Recently, researchers conducted research on over 1000 men who suffered from kidney stones and drank at least 5 ounces of cola per day. During a 3 year experiment, half the men didn’t drink cola; while the other half drank regular amounts of their preferred cola (containing phosphoric acid).

After 3 years, cola drinkers were one-third less likely to develop kidney stones than the men who completely refrained from cola. Researchers were baffled that phosphoric acid slowly dissolved kidney stones and stopped kidney stone formation! This research supports our natural remedy that uses a popular cola and a ‘miracle’ vegetable to flush your kidney stones.

Dissolve Your Kidney Stones in Less Than 24 Hours

Are your kidney stone(s) less than 7 mm wide?

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How to Prevent Kidney Stones through Simple Diet Tips

How to Prevent Kidney Stones through Simple Diet Tips

Millions of people are affected by kidney stones every year, most of them people aging from 30 to 50 years old. Understanding how  kidney stones appear in our body is important so you could know how to prevent kidney stones. Basically, kidney stones are caused by prolonged urinary tract infections. The accumulation of mineral deposits on the body is resulted by the infection in the urinary tract and the kidney itself.

The usual symptoms an individual with kidney stones problem would feel would be severe back pain, pain in the side area of the body, blood in the urine, odorous urine, pain in urinating and fever. The symptoms are typically similar as to having a urinary tract infection therefore it is always safe to have a trip to your physician if you have any of these symptoms for an earlier diagnosis of your problem.

As they say, prevention is better than cure therefore it is a great advantage on your side if you know how to prevent kidney stones early on. Lifestyle and diet is the least thing you can alter if you want to prevent kidney stones formation on your body. Here are some ways on how to prevent kidney stones through simple diet tips.

Infection happens in the urinary system when there is prolonged stagnant urine in your urinary tract. Therefore, if you have the urge to urinate, do not keep them any longer because urine is a toxic substance that should be eliminated in your body system. Drink plenty of water a day. Water washes away and cleanses all the toxins from our body. Not only water is effective in preventing kidney stones, but there are a lot of benefits you can get from drinking lots of water every day. By drinking lots of fluids every day, your body cells will also be replenished making them work efficiently. Take note- you should be drinking not only any kinds of fluids, specifically you have to drink water. Soda beverages or grapefruit juices should be avoided because they enhance stone formation and build up on your system.  The more water you drink, the more toxins will be washed away from your body. Therefore, drink up!

Limit salt intake and avoid eating junk foods and fast foods. This may sound difficult but it can help big time in preventing stone formation in your kidney. However, the world would be a sad place to live in when we can’t eat what we love eating. You can still eat in your favorite fast-food chains, but you only have to limit eating their foods. Giving in to your craving at least once a week should do it.

Fever is the great symptom regarding this medical condition. When you have fever accompanying some of the symptoms mentioned above, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to have yourself examined. Kidney stones can lead to graver medical conditions therefore do not wait for a more serious condition to happen in your body.